ACM International Programming Contest
South Pacific Regional Results 1999

Regional Top 10 Teams Contest Report Australian Results New Zealand Results

South Pacific Representatives in Florida:

Australian Champions
Bitter, Cynical and Coding, University of Queensland
Andrew Over, Anthony Towns and David Starkoff.

Wild Card
Mathematician, Lawyer, Physicist, University of Melbourne
Andrew Rogers, John Detheridge and John Fitzgerald.

New Zealand Champions
Team X (entered as three one), The University of Waikato
Matthew Browne, Perry Lorier and Jonathan Purvis

Thanks to IBM who have provided prizes for the site winners, and the top 6 teams in each country.

Full roster of competing teams.

Regional Top 10

Position Team Institution Accepted Solutions Time Taken
1 Bitter, Cynical and Coding University of                   Queensland 6 1285
2 Mathematician, Lawyer, Physicist University of    Melbourne 5 991
3 New South Sharks University of New South Wales 3 291
4 X   (aka three one) The University of Waikato 3 642
5 3 Little Pigs University of  Otago 3 658
6 /var/mints University of Auckland 3 682
7 I Love That Question University of  Otago 3 864
8 UNSW University of New South Wales 2 220
9 Gong Boys University of Wollongong 2 288
9 {{}} Victoria University of Wellington 2 288
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