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ACM South Pacific Regional Contest Results 2003

The final scoreboard and official standings are available.

You can see a roster of all competing teams.

See also Regional Contest Report and Problem Set

Australian Champions and Regional Contest Winners

Team UNSW-G from the University of New South Wales

Team members: (left to right) Paulo Lai, Ka-Shu Wong, Adam Schuck

Coach: Hossam ElGindy


New Zealand Champions

The Pumpkin Lemma from The University of Otago.

Team members:

Bartosz Fabianowski,
Birger Brunswiek,
Philip McLeod

Coach: Andrew Trotman

Regional Top 10

Place Team University
UNSW-G University of New South Wales 8 886
Melbourne University A University of Melbourne 6 479
Wirthless University of Tasmania 6 505
Silver The Australian National University 6 609
The Pumpkin Lemma University of Otago 6 790
Indra's Pearls University of Canterbury 6 933
UNSW-M University of New South Wales 5 429
A Handshaking Llama University of Waikato 5 434
Null University of Auckland 5 441
Melbourne University B University of Melbourne 5 447
Adelaide Team 1 University of Adelaide 5 447

Special Recognition

Top Year 2 Team

A Handshaking Llama from University of Waikato, coached by Bill Rogers.

Tin Pavlinic,
Blake Watkins and
Gareth Bradley

Top Year 1 Team

Null from University of Auckland, coached by Michael Dinneen.

Sam McCall,
Jsun Pe and
Robert Donald






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